Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Review

Friday night I went out to a bar, that shall remain nameless. I did a lot of dancing, which was awesome and much needed. The fun thing about hipster bars (oh yeah, if you hadn't already figured, I didn't want to out my inner hipster, hence the nameless bar) is that the music is dancy but not your typical dance music. Country jams in abundance, who knows music from the ... ?? Not one song had I heard before, but I rocked out hardcore dudes!

There were some good dancers on the floor. Seriously, but I felt bad for this one guy who tried to get me to dance about seven times. The first time I actually went for it. He grabbed my hand and pulled me close and I thought "maybe he knows what he's doing and this could be fun." He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me away about as hard as he could. I jerked to a halt when his arm ran out and then he yanked my arm to pull me back to him. When I got there, we just kind of collided and he pushed me away again. Figuring I'd give the boy a little help, I tried a little turn on the second way back, but we still collided and he continued pushing and pulling me as hard as he could. After a little bit more of this I stopped to say that I just didn't feel like dancing that way right now. All through the night though, he kept grabbing my hand to dance again but it was more like he forgot he had already tried me, than him being a pest. Once he come up from behind and when I turned he said, "oh, it's you" and walked away. Yeah, like I'm the problem. Boys should really learn how to lead if they want to twirl you round the dance floor!

Saturday was fun Brunch at Maggie Brown then cleaning and craft time. I made these mailboxes for my roommate and I. I've been wanting a way to cleanup our mail jumble and thought it'd be cute to have an 'official' mail location. I hung them in our hallway so we can drop the mail off on our way in.

I just used chip board, which I punched holes in and sewed together with a bulky yarn. I brought out my inner teenage collage spirit by cutting out letters from magazines to spell our names. I think I found a solution to make it a little more grown up though... I decided to stay in one color scheme. It was hard as heck to find a blue/green/yellow U, but I think it feels a little more 'designed' that way.

I found these pins at a street fair

Louis actually had nothing to do with the spilled sangria...

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Alex Banchitta said...

Wow... I've heard of some awful dancing but that's just wrong. I don't think I know how to lead properly but smashing someone into you several times is probably a clear hint that you're doing something wrong. You should be glad that at least you have a funny story to tell now, also, any guy you dance with after that probably can't do much worse by comparison, so at least you got something out of it besides a possible injury or two.