Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Something from Nothing Challenge!

I had this idea a while back to justify posts that had little to do with "Inspired Knitting." Here it is: at the end of every post that is more a story of life, I come up with a project inspired by the situation. I'll draw pictures, discuss yarns, etc. and prove my belief that you can really be inspire by ANYTHING!!!

I think my first attempt is a pretty good topic. I picked it to go with my my previous post about my bathroom. Read it first, Ok?


In my cleaning frenzy, I removed a grubby toilet seat cover. I'm not really sure how it got there because I'm not a huge fan of toilet seat covers in the first place and doubt I bought it. Anyway, I deal with it and have come to realize that despite being a kind of hideous bathroom accessory (not to mention dirty) it has one function that I appreciate: quieting the crash of the toilet seat cover as it is dropped shut.

My challenge was to design a toilet seat cover that I could make myself and like the looks of. First a general construction note:

Some ideas I like but thought others might like too.

I personally would pretty much stick to cotton. It's easy to clean, durable and would dry quickly. Other options were thin strips of ripped up towel, cashmere for a luxury tooshie and maybe a chenille. What I dislike about store bought toilet covers is that they are non natural fiber carpet, so any homemade version would be better to me! I even thought it would be cute to take the idea of a rag rug... braided strips of fabric sewn into a circle... and use that as a cover. Cute, right?

But my final decision is this

A plain cotton top with a lace frill that hangs over the edge. So pretty I think I might actually make it!


Kj said...

I'm glad you've revisited the toilet posting because I missed the boat on the Under/Over conversation and really want to put my two cents in, so pretend it's a few weeks ago.

I was shocked to hear supporting arguments for toilet paper rolling Under. In my life it has always been a fait accompli that toilet paper rolls over. I have definately been known to switch a roll (not at someone else's house though) if its been placed in the Underroll position. But i appreciated hearing from the other side of the camp. though I'll still state why i believe Over is Better, i will not hate-on those Under rolls so much when i see them.

Why over is better:
exposure: i don;t think we can deny that OverRolling is the industry standard- from port a potties to hotels, that's the way they roll. And whether or not this means something is better, its certainly shows why so many prefer it- it's what we're used to and how we've been taught to expect the toilet paper to roll.
Easy Acces: my main and pretty much only complaint with UnderRolling, is that I can never see where the start of the roll is to grab it, and don't like having to spin it around looking for where to pull. OverRolling pretty much guarentees that the loose bit is sitting right there for you, ready to grab. Over rolling just simplifies everything for me.

exception: here's the thing, in the example bathroom of said apartment for this post- I agree that under rolling is best, and its the only time in my life that i've ever supported an over-roll choice. this is because of the abnormally high placement of the toilet paper holder. to have it Over-Rolling would mean there was toilet paper ends hanging loose near eye level, whereas underrolling keeps the loose paper end in line with the wall. so i support the under-roll in your example bathroom (since i used to live there and helped make the decision to raise the toilet paper roll super high).

that's where i stand. and i like your toilet lid cover ideas and kind of agree about the sound muffling benefits. just please stay away from toilet seat covers. they freak me out, especially when they make a squish air-escaping sound when you sit! grody!

hodge podge said...

my vote is for the 'rag rug' version, though i just wanted to point out to you that the rug in your pic is actually crocheted, not braided and sewn, which is so much easier/faster/better because i've always hated the idea of having to hand-stitch all that long braid into a coil! i have made several rugs (and a dog bed) by crocheting strips this way and i highly recommend it! personally though, i go for no lid-cover at all because i never put the lid down and it would be just another thing to get dirty... oh also, my sis was singing the praises of the Mrs. Meyers Geranium scent too; gotta get me some!!!