Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The way it should be...

When I was in Seattle, every latte looked like this, but not here! So, I was pleasantly surprised the other day to find a spot in Manhattan where they take the time to make you something this beautiful and tasty!

Cafe Grumpy
224 W 28th street (between 6 & 7)
128 Meserole (at Diamond) in Greenpoint.

They brew each coffee by the cup and the scent of beans grinding is intoxicating! The shop sports a neutral decorating scheme which is neither minimalist nor crowded. I am pleased by the lack of post cards and homemade advertisements. I've also had lovely, unexpected banter with all the servers which, second only to the coffees, makes me want to go back!

Thanks Guys!
and iphone for helping me locate a cafe in the area when I was ten minutes early for rehearsal and for taking this photo.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The new "to do" list

Some might remember this letter tray from an earlier post...

What was originally just a nice display has now developed into a sort of to do list. It's where I put lost buttons in need of re-sewing, charms I mean to do something with or photos I want to remember to admire on a daily basis. Basically I'm thinking I'll put anything small up here, that needs remembering and over time it'll become a little library of "thoughts."

Instead of having to find a suitable mismatched button, I'll know right where I put the matching one! This will also save me the trouble of configuring a back up outfit when I can't think of anything but the skirt in need of mending. Have I ever mentioned that virtually ALL of my mending occurs three minutes before I'm supposed to walk out the door?? Yeah. There I am, sporting half an outfit, frantically sewing on the end of my bed, when I could just throw on pair of jeans and tee shirt like a normal person.

But back to the tray... I'm always really interested in clutter. I certainly don't like messes, but there's something to the little chatchkas we humans collect. Every home seems to have some, whether its refrigerator magnets, tiny toys, rocks & shells, or even "real art." Imagine.

I'm also really interested in people's inability to deal with their clutter. In other words, organization, or lack thereof. In my world, what might look like a simple pile, actually has a lot of rhyme and reason to it. I think this is the difference between a mess and a display, the intention. I love the idea of turning a bad habit, or organizing weakness, into display. My idea for someone who is always throwing clothes on the floor, is to throw them on the wall instead. Install a grid of hooks, or even just long nails, and stuff your clothes up there instead. Sure it'll look like a pot of spaghetti clothes... but you'll have room to walk, you won't have to take the precious time to put them away and over time, it might end up looking kinda cool up there.

So here are all the thoughts so far in my tray:

This stack of British coins looked so beautiful against the dark wood, I just want to regularly admire it. I love the detailed edges... how come our coins aren't as cool?? Also, I might want to design something based off of these patterns.

These sparkly buttons need to be re-attached to this coat.

A squid and my handsome Grandpa in his navy uniform!! I miss you!

A map box I need to find a new chain for and scented green tea oil to liven up my draw papers!

A little lost tree bird checking things out, a broken pin that needs fixing or a new life and green thread that is just pretty.

Two charms that need chains and a "G" typewriter key for the pair of initial cuff links I owe my friend Garth.

Girly and Pink

My wares for the flea are looking quite girly these days and I'm totally into it! Most of these are from two Fleas ago and long gone... but some are still available!



Many thanks to all who braved the rain in the early hours of yesterdays Flea. It meant so much to sell even just a few items, huddled under the tent and our umbrellas! Then, when the sun broke through, so many lovely faces! Thank you for coming out and thank you for your purchases and sweet comments! It perked me up to no end at a much needed time!

This group of friends met up with each other right in front of my booth and I just had to take their photo. Look at how beautifully their outfits coordinate!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please, just don't!

Whenever I'm knitting I prefer to be watching something, like a light hearted TV show or movie that takes little of my attention. It's really just to have something to look up at occasionally so as not to get funky eyes or sea sickness from watching my needles fly. If I'm seriously into a show, like LOST or The Office for example, you'll know because I actually put down the knitting needles and relax.

Most of my valuable knitting time occurs during (horrible) day time tv hours. You know, when the only shows to pick from are Maury Povich or soap operas and every commercial is trying to convince you that softer hands is the real reason to pick a dish soap.

I know I'm not the target audience, but I am home, watching...often... and I've never felt such a disconnect in advertising! At night, it's sexy car commercials and although I'm nowhere near buying a car, someday I probably will and I can kind of relate to wanting a safe, luxurious model. But the daytime stuff is insane! Lawyers begging for you to scrape up some business for them. Better plastic bags! Oxi clean! Softer dish soap! The Huggies vs. Luvs smackdown... (today on Jerry Springer). The ad for Bagel-fuls practically made me barf! Don't get me wrong, I love a good bagel, but you know as soon as you bite into that chewy exterior, all the philly's gonna squirt right out like a jelly dough nut! I just can't bring myself to contemplate it anymore. I guess I'm more upset about the product, than advertising, on that one.

My friend Kj and I used to talk all the time about how BAD some commercials were and how there's really just no need for it. If I was ever going to pick a lawyer from tv, the cowboy hat in front of the NY skyline certainly doesn't scream credibility! There's plenty of talented people out there who would love the the opportunity to make a commercial and could actually do a better job at it! Take for example our friends over at Mohegan Sun:

I think this ad is pretty rad. It's fun, complicated (a lot of people, flips, dancing, singing) and kind of funny. It works because the main actor is taking it seriously and not commenting on himself unlike this gal for the Optimum triple play:

This one is on sooooooo much during the day I want to pull my hair out!! The only thing worthy, in my opinion, are the cute burgers with the PR & $29.95 spelled out in condiments!

I used to feel the same way about this Optimum ad, until I paid closer attention and realized how awesome it really is! I've actually heard people talking about this commercial in bars & coffee shops! I think it works for the same reason as the Monheagan ad.

Dear Optimum,
Please ditch the ladies and bring these guys back!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Current Crushes

My latest crush? The voice of Caleb Folowill, front man of the band Kings of Leon. I heard them for the first time on Saturday Night live this weekend, of all places! I was tuning in for another crush and was pleasantly surprised by the harsh yet somehow delicate sound of this guy. His voice is raspy, in that sexy way that's usually more of a plus for girls. It's bursting at the seams and I trust it. Probably because it's not some affectation begging me to swoon like so many other plaid shirted dudes in pants so tight I get jealous. It's just honest and comes out how it needs to.

The uniqueness of his voice sent me on a short research session on the band where I read one little magazine article and watched a home video of the singer (ok, his name is Caleb) talking about recording a song. I'm not going to get all into it because really, I don't really know anything about this band and I haven't even finished listening to the album I downloaded 20 minutes ago. It just seems like they're nice boys, or brothers/cousins rather from Oklahoma who have a respectable approach to music making. Like all brothers, they fight about whose going to wear which tight pants, but I can forgive them that. It's not like they're running all over the stage showing it off (from what I've seen at least. ) They just peaceably stand there and let the music do the talking.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama everywhere...

I've been taking for granted the fact that I pretty much live in a triple pro-Obama town, have quadruple-pro-Obama pals and practically see his face on every surface from fenders to fanny packs. (ok I didn't see a fanny pack, but how cool would that be?)

I love this DIY verson! Use what you've got people!!

Regardless of your political leanings, you have to admit it's pretty phenomenal to have a Presidential candidate inspire such a wide demographic. My fashion designer roommate had an Obama themed show for fashion week while the grandmother of the child I babysit, who also happens to be a retired judge, is leaving town to go campaign at age 70.

Here's a candidate who is more than just the lesser of two evils, he's someone I'd really like to see become president! So what am I doing now to ensure I can throw some fancy State of The Union Address parties over the next four years? Well, with all the supporters doing work around me, I've sort of forgotten how important it is to represent, but now it's time to get in the game!!!

My suggestion, this necklace from Brookadelphia:
And if you prefer to stay neutral in your advertising... at least choose this sentiment:

I'm a big fan of Brookadelphia. We made a nice trade last Christmas at the Bust craft fair, when I got these rad antler earrings:

This year, at Renegade, I got this awesome "Post Post Modern necklace." It's always is quite a conversation starter.
This jewelry kind of doesn't fit with my usually, pretty old fashioned, girly girl look (is that what it is???) but that's why I love it. This will be my next purchase I think:

Oh, I almost forgot. $10 of the "08ama" necklace goes to his campaign! Go team!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to the FLea!

This Sunday I'm finally back to the Brooklyn Flea! What on earth am I going to bring??? Unfortunately not the huge slew of items I was hoping for, but this little baby will be there at least. Maybe it's perfect for your little baby... it'll be getting cold soon!

This week the Flea is a super, music, Dj extravaganza! (see below) Woo hoo! I'm glad to be a part of that. I love having tunes at the Flea!

I also love my early morning Croissant & Coffee from Choice! YUM!

I can't wait!!

(Well, actually, I can a bit. I want to make more stuff!!)

Super Sneak Peek...

Something I'm sending off tomorrow!!!!
(Not that you can tell from this photo anyway)

Rainy days are fundays

What if, instead of being sad when it rained, Carol King made a fort, put on a movie and watched the two cutest chickens share dinner beneath it... do you think she would have still written "Rainy Days and Mondays?"

Well today, on account of the Hurricane drizzles, there could be no park after school, so we built a fort and watched a movie. The film was still going strong at dinner time and since I'm always looking for ways to elevate my 'coolest babysitter ever' status, I thought, "Why not eat dinner in the fort?"

We did.
It was awesome.
Although the second photo of Clarissa seems to have caught a short moment of displeasure. I think she was just mad that I was taking a photo instead of feeding her a yummy peach.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Under the Bridge

This Labor day I took the Seas Streak Ferry to Sandy Hook in NJ for a lovely, end of summer beach day. I highly recommend the (slightly pricey) trip. (Nothing beast a $4 subway ride to the Rockaways!!) Look at all the bridges you get to go under!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Knitting for miles...

I've often stopped to wonder, just how many miles I've knit. Maybe someday I'll do the math and count up all the yarn used for my various projects to see how far my hands ave traveled. I'd have to look at old pictures and guess, but I'm sure I could get a rough estimate. In the meantime, here's a sneak peak at the result of my current mileage: