Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shut in

I made a vow to shut myself in this weekend and get stuff made. Or at the very least, finish up the patterns for projects that need to be sent out. It's been a l o n g while since I've gotten up on a sunny Saturday only to nurse a pot of coffee and knit. It was so lovely to do that. Not knitting for work, not knitting to sell, just knitting because I had an idea and wanted to flesh it out. I sat through some pretty hainus Saturday morning cartoons and then That's so Raven before I switched to the NY channel for some equally hainus travel shows (where are you Kj?)

Today was so beautiful though, so I had to go stretch my legs. I headed to the farmers market to get some corn and cucumbers (my faves of summer) and also picked up the mussels which I mentioned earlier. Full bellied- I've now set in to computer land. Louis is helping me by guarding the door and making sure no one bugs me:

'Hey Louis, we're all alone this weekend cause rooms is out of town. I don't think anyone will be bugging me."

"Well in that case..." he says, "...I had better go sit on that dress before I loose the chance."

Louis always has to lay on ALL the projects I send out to clients. It doesn't matter where I put it, he will find it. Even if it's soaking wet, being blocked on a towel, with pins sticking out all over it- he just has to lay on it. Now he's moved to the pile of headbands that will be going out with the dress. I better remember to do furr ball patrol before I box everything up!

One last photo of the outcasts from this set of projects. I'll make sure to post the patterns as soon as they're published!

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