Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ummmmmmmmm... in case you didn't know this album is pretty good. Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin. Yup. Every song is my favorite.

I've pumped it up in here kids to do some sewing this evening. This photo is from last night, when I was listening to something else, but I did re-wear this outfit again today, so it's cool right?

Ah the truth is I actually look like a big dorky green bean right now in all green jams and my glasses! Tee hee...

One more Blue Sky!

This is a variation on the wrap dress I did for them previously. It's done up in their new organic skinny cotton.

Check out their skinny dyed cotton too!

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Blue Sky Patterns!

Two new patterns I did for
Blue Sky Alpacas.

Recycle It... don't throw it away!

I was browsing the online store Olio United today and found these recycled sweater/suit zip ups for men. I just had to post about them since I think they are the hottest thing for so many reasons!

Great idea, great design, great re-use and cuteness to boot!!!!!!

Wouldn't you want to snuggle your man in one of these????

Olio United is all about being green & sustainable while supplying us with the cute outfits we want! Read more here.

Hey, guess what! They also sell my harfs!
Maybe you should buy one????

Thursday, January 17, 2008

CaR Therapy

On the days I pick up kids at school I'm in the car for a half hour by myself. I can usually count on these two songs coming on
  1. "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2
  2. "No One" by Alicia Keys
and I totally sing them both as loudly as possible as some sort of free therapy session.

It's happened more than twice.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New in shop!

I just added some onsies into my etsy shop!

More things will be coming soon!! I promise!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

On the needles....

Remember my brief mention of my project with miss Caitlin Berrigan?? It was a while ago before the Christmas rush. Anyhoo.... I'm up to my ears in little pentagons right now in order to complete this virus/hood/cape we're working on. See:

You should check some of Caitlin's work!

I like these designer chocolates made in the shape of a hepatitus C virus...

I think I took this last photo thinking about edibles...

I'll be adding to this collection ALL DAY today!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

A baby at my house??

I sit at home
and quiet

but there's something about having a snoozing baby on your bed that makes it seem even quieter.

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of taking care of dear Clarissa in my own home and while she slept on my bed, I couldn't believe how peaceful and quiet it was. What is that?

When babysitting I've quickly learned to love nap time for the break that it affords me, but over time it has become more than that. I love the quietness... the padding around in stocking feet... the sudden loudness of a page turning... the little recharge, that actually turns into anticipation for your little buddy to wake up and want to play.

The other day I had Clarrissa tucked into one of those fabric, sling, tie around jobbies to pick the kids up at school.

"How do I look guys?" I asked, "Do you like a baby on me? Should I get myself one?"

Luke chimed in without missing a beat, " Yeah! You could maybe get one from the shelter!"

Did I mention Luke just got a new puppy?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I just love blogs.

First I read this blog
which lead me to this blog
which lead me to this:

The work of Kent Rogowski.
Bears that have been taken apart and then sewn back together again inside out.


Friends Rule!

My good friend Sarah recommended my etsy site to a design blog called decor8 who in turn wrote about both of us in the same post! I'm supremely happy about the plug because I came home to find I had sold two things!! Thanks guys!!!

I'm especially glad that Sarah's beautiful work was mentioned as well because she deserves it! I mean, look at her paintings!!!!

I look forward to regular check ins with decor8 too, it looks fabulous!

Thanks again Sarah and decor8!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No, I haven't forgotten you Jacob!!

Quite the contrary in fact!
So here's what I've got on your hat so far.... I hope it pleases you and all your troupes!

A one flapped earflap cap
( the other ear will be on soon!)

Usually, ear flaps attached to the hem of a hat end up being more of a chin warmer than an ear warmer don't they? Because of this I decided to sew the flap right on top of the hat. You want two layers to keep warm, right?? I also thought a strong line between pale blue and brown would be nice for the flaps, since I didn't have enough brown to make them one color. Once finished however, I found the divide a bit too intense, so I turned the flap over to show the little echo stripe that's created when switching colors. Usually people put this on the backside, but I like it showing. I'm also particularly fond of the mustard seam. It reminds me of the stitching on jeans and the color of your Carharts.
There's a folded hem with contrasting blue turning row.

Now, when worn with the stockinette side facing out, the folded hem kind of flared out in a pretty girly way, so I flipped it. Again the traditional 'backside' becomes the front and will fit snuggly on your head this way, with no flare outs! It'll contain your mop quite nicely I'm sure!

Originally I had wanted to do some crazy fair isle thing for Jacob, perhaps as a flap to keep his neck warm. As I finished this piece though, I started getting second thoughts about sending the poor boy out into East Boston wrapped in colorful trees and anchors. I like it a lot though, especially the lone blue tree.

My plan all along was to make it double layered, with a solid color background. I'm really loving the mustard with peach checks section though. Maybe that should be the backside instead of a solid? If Jacob wants, I'll make it for him, as a thing that can attach by button to his flap hat, for those extra cold and windy adventures!

What do you think Mr???

Monday, January 7, 2008

Back in business

I've never been more happy to see my bed than at about 12:30am last night! That's when I arrived home, after being away for a little more than two weeks and immediately collapsed into the covers.
My room is utterly disheveled with lugggage spilling over, a stack of unopened mail (bills... yikes!!) laundry and the ever increasing piles of craft supplies... but my bed, she is clear and cozy! I've decided to stick right here for the time being, that is, until I'm ready to move into my next favorite spot... senor shower!

(Do you like my funny windmill sheets???)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Friday Night Lights

While I kind of wish I had known what a great show this was from the start...however, there's something really awesome/addicting about catching up online. It happened to me with LOST too. On these cold winter nights I just love cuddling into my bed and watching show after show, knitting into the wee hours. I really just do, ok.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but I really enjoy the football. I like movies & shows about football even more because you get to see them practicing, planning and executing their plays, which is exciting even if it's not real.

This show really reminds me of high school and my own inner be cheerleader don't be a cheerleader debate. I loved being spunky, energetic, jumping around, dancing and cheering on my team. Seriously.... the huge smile was real for me, but what I couldn't take was girl drama and the stiffness. It seemed so unnatural to me to stand at attention on the side lines when we could be cheering and dancing around to pump up the crowd. I remember sitting in the crowd once, with the band or friends when I realized that no one was even paying attention to the cheerleaders. It made me sad for them and wish it could be different. I think someday, should I ever live in a small town again with a football team, I might try to coach a pep squad or something. A group that integrates the band, dancing, props, cheering- the works - to make the crowd get excited. I think I would enjoy that very much.

You should totally watch this show people. It's really well done. It looks cool and the chemistry between characters is just fascinating. Pick up your needles and watch a few, then let me know what you think!

New Coat!!!

It's like a brand new coat folks! Laney J, in my small home town in Maine, managed to revamp my coat into this!

Look out because I'll probably be doing these kick moves a lot to show off the new lining if ever we walk together.

I've wanted to re-line this coat ever since I got it at a thrift store about three years ago for $15. Right away the pockets started disintegrating. I noticed that fact during my first nanny job when I went searching for the missing pacifier trapped in the hem of my coat. Ever since the inside has been ripping and ripping, buttons falling off and nary a functioning pocket could be found. Most of November & December was spent with a jacket wide open (like I couldn't sew on a couple buttons right???)
But now look!

I'm sorry Garth, but the genius behind my coat lives in Maine... so unless you want to take a trip (which would be rad!!!) you might be outta luck! But we should research and find a good one in the city! It would be a great thing for all of us! Any suggestions out there??


Still Life with Dunkies

Well the snow gods have been dropping it like crazy up here folks. Mom and I shoveled at least 12" of accumulation the other day and now there's another 8" or so out there! Um, there's kind of no place to put it either. The streets are getting smaller, the piles higher and it makes turning out into the street a little tricky.

I am really wishing I could jet pack my 4 year old buddies Luke and Eleanor up here to do some serious sledding! I doubt they'd even be able to walk around in the back yard, the snow would be up to their waist!! That's one thing I'd I like to show the city kids...Snow days of building forts and sledding all day long. I think I'd come inside three or four times for a change of mittens, hat & socks. I loved building a fort into this snow pile! Look how high it is now and with all that tree for coverage. Man, I could really hide out and throw some zingers at the boys! I'd usually build it from the back and the entrance could be from under the tree. I'd dig all the way to the dirt and once I even had three rooms!

My buddies Anne and Chad came up to visit from Brooklyn for New Years and we went snow tubing here: