Friday, August 3, 2007


My friend Anne, who just posted her first comment yesterday, has the cutest way of saying things. Whenever we're planning to get together she'll say, "ok, I just to have to put on an outfit..." so, in honor of you Anne, a new blog label: Outfits

Just your average wrap skirt

This was probably one of the most comfortable outfits I've ever worn, especially in 100 degree heat! Perhaps it worked because I was in an exceptionally good mood today... but sometimes a good outfit will do that to ya. I like the one layer tank with bra included (what a brilliant invention) and one layer of skirt. Because I tied the skirt just below my bust, it flared out nicely giving my mid section room to breathe. For some reason, in the heat especially, I get super annoyed by waist constrictions and I really don't like my mid section to show!! Tying the skirt this high also left more of my leg exposed, which sometimes has it's faults, but today felt so much cooler. It's amazing to me that I can feel ten degrees cooler just by wearing a tank top vs. a tee shirt. Having certain key areas uncovered, like the underarms, really makes a difference.

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