Saturday, August 18, 2007

Growing Up

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with dear friends and a lovely new acquaintance who already feels like an old friend. There is nothing quite like a good diner party. The event, hosted by Garth, took place at "Grants Parlor" where I've spent many a night and good meal. I love joining forces with Garth- showing up early to help prepare, share the burden of cooking and perhaps concocting something wild on the cusp to contribute to the table. I came prepared with lime marinated tilapia to be served with mango & tomato salsa, which went down quite easy all around the table, but the nights big hit was Garth's mint Basil Ice cream. I helped make a very simple sauce from the nectarines picked up from their weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) pick up and when drizzled on top of the ice cream, we almost died. It was a treat of summer garden flavors, sweet and chilly! You wouldn't believe it!

For me though, the pleasure came from the company of those around me. Each one of them discussing his/her own varied path through life and sharing that moment with me. I loved listening to Annie's stories of being a NY Times reporter. She is a self proclaimed lover of gossip and always expects a full update on your life whenever she sees you. It's nice to see that love of hers translate into work- it sounds exhilarating and fulfilling. Then I walk downstairs to use the restroom and see sheet music spread out on Seth's desk for the new piece he's choreographing. Studiously aglow with the help of his desk lamp, the pages patiently awaited Seth's return which was one more session before bed, I'm guessing. Another dancer at the party was just visiting for his masters program and soon headed back to finish a fellowship in Tel Aviv, filled us in on what it was like to live in Israel right now.

I guess I shouldn't blast the lives of others all over my blog but I was just so impressed and proud of everyone. It occurred to me this morning that part of what I was feeling was growing up and being ok with it. We weren't talking last night about our hopes and dreams of what would happen in our lives, but what was happening in them. Each voice seemed to be aligned with what I know to be true of that person. While they might not see it or agree with me, each diner guest last night is now doing/being/living the things they at one point or another had expressed hope in doing.

Last night, after all the fabulous food and glasses and glasses of wine, I like to think we parted fully sated, in more ways than our stomaches can attest to.