Sunday, August 12, 2007

Skirt + Ribbon =

HINT: Hide an elastic band under the ribbon to keep "things" in place a bit better. I took a length of sewing elastic, enough to be snug under my bust, tied it and cut the excess. The ribbon appears to be holding up the dress, but it's actually the elastic, which is a lot more secure!

There is also another white skirt underneath that's acting like a slip, so no worries mom!


ZU-ZU said...

Super idea, great result. The only thing I would obsess about would be the comfort/ see-through factor in the chest area. Of course it would make a difference what the fabric was (or who you were going to be with!).

Brite Lines said...

I especially like the patchwork sneaks - really ties it all together! Great idea.

Here's a challenge for you: Make this dress more interesting/less scandalous without a sewing machine! I have two of them and cant' wear them because they are clingy and too short: