Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year Resolution

For quite sometime now I've been wanting to build and develop my blog, so when the invitation from the purl bee came along to join their beehive I dove in.

The purl beehive is a collection of crafty blogs all hosted by squarespace and collected on a page together through the smart crafty people of Purl. You can read more about the beehive here and check out the other members by clicking the beehive on the right.

What this all boils down is a transfer of my blog posts here over to a new address: It looks a bit different over there and it's taken some getting used too. Squarespace has not been as easy to navigate as blogger, but in the long run I think I'll have a bit more creativity at my fingertips. Not to mention a bigger audience provided by the emmense popularity of the Purl Bee!

If you're a regular reader I hope you'll update your blog roll with the new address and follow me over there! I'm still arranging things to be how I want them, but I want to invite you anyway! Nothing's ever perfect, right? Might as well enjoy it how it is.

Once more, the new address is