Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ghetto Living

Ok guys. I know you already think I'm weird and stuff, but right now I'm super excited to go clean my bathroom! And then take a long shower, if I want, and not worry if the tub is going to overflow!

See, my tub has hag a clog forever! Me being all miss handy lady, I have tried to fix it a number of times and ways. This includes many a drain de-clogging substance, one of those powerful pressure cans and an auger (aka 'snake') which failed. I have a hard time calling the super unless absolutely necessary, but I finally did. Together we snaked out some of the most god awful clog and it still didn't work! Oh man, you should have seen that water! The previously murky white-with-soap-scum water turned absolutely black and Walter turns to me a says "Can we finish tomorrow?"

Tomorrow! Are you kidding me? I haven't had a good shower in weeks and everybody know s how I love my showers!! I've had to go super fast and time them out according to my roommate to make sure the tub wasn't too full and gross. Besides, what about all this black water??? And it's 100 degrees outside! We need to shower people!!- of course I didn't say all that. I said, sure and wasn't suprised when he called to postpone another today. And no, I didn't shower in the black water. I scooped it all out into the toilet, scrubbed like crazy and continued to bail out the tub after each shower until he came back this morning with a power snake!

Man did he get that sucker! He also fixed the knob that had been leaking for nearly a year... so now, I have a practically perfect bathroom and all I have to do is scrub it down!!

Now if Louis could only catch that mouse I hear squeaking..


Keepitmoving said...

Louis caught the mouse, but then let it go!!

ZU-ZU said...

Louis has been an inside cat his whole life so he doesn't need to catch the mouse to survive; he was just curious and playful. You may have to consider a trap. Unless you want an annoying toy for Louis.

anne said...

I made an account so I can leave comments because I check your blog everyday and it really calls for a more interactive engagement. That said: I too hate toilet seat covers! But...taking the old tired acrylic shag and turning it into an awsome seat (to hang out with your bathing buddy) sounds red. I like the argyle.

anne said...

rad: I meant rad (not red.) Darn, I messed up my very first comment.

Keepitmoving said...

Yeah for Anne! I can't wait to hear what you have to say!!