Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sunset & Lingerie

In the afternoon, the sun sends a golden ray across my little frame collection

This image was one of my favorites from a bunch picked up at a flea market in Maine. It's a little bit odd since no one, not even the dog in the lower right hand corner, is looking at the camera, yet so intriguing. I think it's sexy how the moms stockings are rolled down and I like seeing the flowered wall paper a glow with a mysterious light source. I of course also love that the chairs arms and back have covers. I'm guessing there was some lovely needle work shown off there. Did you know that those chair back covers were created to protect furniture from dudes hair grease? I heard that waaaaaaay back in early America (I'm trying to confirm this theory...) women started making covers for the backs of chairs to protect them from the mens dark hair grease. I'm thinking it's because the hair slicking material left a dark stain and not because the men had dirty hair... although according to todays standards they probably bathed a lot less. I think the arm covers came about as to make a "matching set" which could be explained as all the rage, but really was added so as not to alert the men to the problem.... Ha! I just made that last part up, although I believe the matching set part. It looks better to have three vs. one.

Well this lady and her stockings got me thinking... I want to make some lingerie. Especially some thigh high stockings for a garter belt and maybe even a garter belt itself. It's a challenge to create items that are truly wearable, but I'm up for it!!

Here's a page out of my lovely Jill Bliss Journal

The other day I got this book:

Which pretty much spells out exactly how to make lingerie items like an underwire bra, garter belt, camisoles and stockings! Yeah!!! I don't have to reinvent the wheel to figure it out myself. Maybe one of these days I'll get to take some time to sit and make something for me! First on my list...

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