Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jewelry displays...

As the craft fair approaches, I've been thinking up ways to display my jewelry. I didn't want to spend much $$$ on fancy displays so here's what I came up with:

The frame on the right is fabric slipped into a brass frame and the one on the left is one I made out of cardboard! I put a little batting in there to give it some puff and it's important to use a fabric that's easy to poke through. For mine I use a terribly distressed old silk slip that I cut up and then some pretty vintage lace to cover up the card board edges. It's pretty ghetto, but I like being resourceful!

Idea #2 was so easy I thought I'd give you how to instructions.

Materials needed: Regular scissors, Wooden spool, Floral foam or Styrofoam, 24 gauge copper wire:

Step 1
Cut wire 14" long. Fold wire so ends are together, leaving a loop at the top.

Step 2
Twist wire together leaving a 2" loop at the top. Just do a little bit at first to hold the place and finish the rest after top loops are made.

Step 3
Smoosh top loop as shown in picture then twist into two side loops as shown.

Step 4

Finish twisting base and cut even.

Step 5
Cut floral foam into a tiny rectangle and press into hole of wooden spool. Use your finger to make foam level across top of spool.

Stick the earring stand into the foam and enjoy!

Over time, with wiggles a jiggles , the hole in the foam might grow bigger and not hold your earring stand up properly. Push out the old foam and replace it with new. These would look great with thread still on the spools too!


Brite Lines said...

unsolicited advice -
some of your lighter, more delicate jewelry is harder to see against a white background - maybe darker linen or silk? velvet? Good luck at the fair!

Keepitmoving said...

Good point Moe! I'll definitely be doing some darker ones cause you're so right! I was thinking of getting dark cloth for my tables so everything would stand out better, too.