Friday, May 11, 2007

A very long day

I opened my eyes this morning to an apocalyptic sky of yellowish-orange, just moments before a huge thunder clap and a monsoon like drenching. It was six am. I didn't go back to sleep at all! I totally got up and made breakfast ( oatmeal & coffee). Sipping coffee I did some epoxy-ing and jewelry making:

Then I knit some trees while watching Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. Meet "Evelyn," "Karl'" and "Gertie."

This was all before 10 am!!

Then I headed to Anne's house to make more stuff, but first I went to the grocery store to pick up makings for sandwiches. Somewhere in my careful planning I managed to forget my wallet and had to schlep all the way back home for it. I did get to Anne's where we chatted, made things and ate things.
I made a bunch more earrings for The Renegade Craft Fairand later we took an adventure to look at fabric and pick up some Styrofoam display heads.

By this time I was starting to fade, but I had one more errand to run. I ended my day at Treehouse! I dropped off the trees and jewelry I had just made. I chatted with Siri, one of the owners, some lovely gals crafting away and a funny, cute neighborhood boy, who I think was flirting with me a bit. (tee hee)

It was a lovely, lovely, long day. So much was made and I'm going to bed feeling rather accomplished. This is a great feeling.

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