Saturday, June 2, 2007

New Job!

So kids, I have a new job!
Well, part time for nows. I'm going to be packing/shipping boxes at fredflare! I helped them out during Christmas last year and it was super fun. They blast fun music and I can dance around while I pack things up. I loved working there because I felt totally free to be me and knew my efforts were being appreciated. Keith and Chris, the cuties who run the joint, are super nice. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone who works there. It's going to be hot as hades in that warehouse, so I'm just going to get some roarsome summer clothes and rock em!

One great thing is that they're located in this big warehouse in Greenpoint. My buddy Niegel, who I hardly ever see anymore, lives right around the corner so we can have play dates! I visited with him after my interview Friday and we made sandwiches and smoothies!

The other great thing is that the office is painted with lovely hearts by Chris Uphues...

who I totally have a crush on! I stole this photo from a fred blog entry by Keith. He loves his job and I have a feeling, I will too!!!


Kj said...

best part of this post, besides the fact that you're gonna be back at Fred Flare = use of the word roarsome. best addiction to the lexicon i've heard in years. thank you.

Keepitmoving said...

That's the Fred influence for ya!