Monday, May 14, 2007

My new crush....

Is it possible to have a crush on someone's imagination? I mean, I really love my own, but when I look upon the work of Ann Wood I get giddy with crush-ness. I just love everything her hands touch... look

Her aesthetic is so whimsical and glittery. Like a day dreaming mind of a child with the hands of a skilled artisan. Her work embodies so many of my favorite things... birds, antique things, lost treasures, dioramas, vintage fabrics, collections, fantasy worlds... glitter...

Her wedding cake toppers make me ten times more eager to walk down the isle! Please visit her site and see all the other lovelies!

I leave you with my favorite, Isabelle.


Kj said...

your delight in "crushing" on someone else's aesthetic reminds me of a quote by 13th century mystic Meister Eckhart-
"the sould rejoices in hearing what it already knows"

writer Anne Lamott quoted this at a reading of hers i went to, and she was using it in regards to what poetry is- rejoicing at hearing what you already know- but i like applying it to creation in general- your soul reajoices in seeing what you have already imagined a thousand times.

Alison said...

Hi Kim, just bought your little lacy jacket from blue sky alpaca. Love it! I was reading past post and noticed a picture of a cat that looks like a Devon Rex. Is this correct? I own a Devon Rex and rarely come across others with the same breed. I really enjoy your blog.

Keepitmoving said...

Hey thanks for reading Alison! I LOVE the little lace jacket pattern so much I had a hard time sending Blue Sky the sample I knit!!! I would love to see yours as you make it!!! Send me pics and I'll post them if you want. That would be so cool!

I have two cats around my house. Dinah is a Persian and Louis is a furry beast. I don't know what kind he is!!!