Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Swatch blankets for Eleanor

Eleanor, the little girl I babysit, loves to tuck her animals into bed. Quite often I come across little rows or groups of her stuffed animals that are all snuggled in their own "blanket." She wraps them in napkins, socks, clothes... you know, whatever is nearby. One day, as I saw her wrap a bear in a pair of panties, I thought, "Maybe I should knit this kid some blankets..."

Then I realized I already had a perfect pile of blankets already! Every time I plan a project, I first knit a swatch. A swatch is not that big, just a small sample of the stitch I want to use, or whatever I need to work out before starting the actual garment. I have all these little "blankets" just lying around gathering dust so I decided to give them to Eleanor. It didn't take long to put them to use!

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