Friday, May 25, 2007

Life as of Late...

So I've been very busy lately babysitting and frantically making things for the Renegade Craft Fair. I've mostly been making jewelry which I would love to show you but... the trash camera I've been using while I wait for mine to get fixed, doesn't take very good up close shots. Alas. I guess You kids will have to come out to the craft fair to see all of it and buy it up so I can pay my rent!!!

I'll just share a few random things with you. First check out Luke and Eleanor posing while picking flowers in the park. I think this is one of the best kids shots I've ever taken! It really captured a funny moment between the two. We were gathering flowers to make flower necklaces... until a crazy storm hit and branches started falling down. Luke reminds me everyday that we still have to finish making those flower necklaces.... I wish I was getting married so these two could be my ring bearer and flower girl. Do you think they'll but up for it at age thirteen?

These are the two latest Harfs,

The top one will probably fit a child better or maybe a gal who's a little smaller than my model, Petunia.

I recently took the kids to ride the carousel in Prospect Park. How much do I love carousels? They really go so fast and I love the music. Anyone want to go again with me? I know some kids we can drag along to make it look like we're doing it for them...

As the summer approaches, the light in my room around six o'clock has been amazing. I didn't think trash camera could really capture it... but a little bit.

Dinah has been a little dare devil lately! She jumps out up on my window ledge like it's no big deal and sometimes it totally freaks me out. I don't mind when she goes out on the fire escape... look how funny she is!

I think this is it guys. I wish I had more new ideas to share... but I'm a little uninspired. What else do you think I should make for the craft fair????


ZU-ZU said...

I want to go on the carousel, I want to make flower necklaces, and I want to meet Dinah! I think you should sew some purses out of placemats for the fair or some felted ones. Hey, I want to go to the fair, too!

jpn96 said...

Cosies or pouches for cell phones, ipods and or glasses? People need them and having a unique stylish one is always appealing. I'd love a 'Life Aquatic' squid for my keyboard.