Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Latest Crush

No secret. I'm totally in love with Henry on Ugly Betty. The actor who plays him, Christopher Gorham, is wonderful and handsome off the show, but it really is the Nerdy Henry that makes me giggle. I kind of love having a "program" to watch that is just light and fun and that has a cute little love story I can totally crush out on.

It seems I have many "Programs" these days.
These are the shows I make sure I'm home for:
Gilmore Girls (again more crushy love stories!)
LOST (hello!)
Ugly Betty
Greys Anatomy

These are the shows I've started getting into and make sure I watch if I'm home:
Veronica Mars
Brothers and Sisters

I'm a little sad that all the shows are ending for the summer. Especially that the Girlmore Girls will be no more. I can live without the fast paced witty banter, but I really love the Luke/Lorelai love roller coaster.

I guess now I can go out and enjoy the nice summer nights instead.


Kj said...

I gave up on Ugly Betty about two months ago- once rebecca romaijn appeared, everything just seemed to get melodramatic and nonsensical. but i did enjoy Henry. I've also way lost track of gray's anatomy- also seeming to get melodramatic and nonsensical. and need i bother even saying how melodramatic and nonsensical LOST became this season? haven't watched the finale yet, but i've been groaning and yelling at the screen through this whole third season. when will these people realize that my ideas for their shows are better than theirs and they should really just let me be in charge. it would be better for all of us.

umm..but i mean, i like to watch Tv and maybe everything sucks now cuz i'm not watching with you.

ZU-ZU said...

Please, oh, please do not give up on Lost. I did watch the final episode and I am feeling bummed that I won't be able to watch a new episode until next year. I feel like I am finally getting some of the connections. I do agree with KJ, it would be much more enjoyable to watch the shows with others that have similar feelings.