Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seattle here I come!

For some reason, Elliot Smith always reminds me of Seattle. It must be because my first college roommate introduced me to him and she was from Seattle, so I associate the two. I guess Portland OR was his place which my limited (read: non) knowledge of the pacific north west imagines to be quite similar. Anyway, I'm listening to Smith's drizzly music as I pack my suitcase, because it just feels right.

I'm leaving today to visit my second college roommate and best friend Kj who now lives in Seattle. I'm having a really hard time packing, as usual. I always want to bring six pairs of shoes!! Arghh. You never know right? I have to get it together in the next two hours though! Woo hoo! Vacation! I'm so excited.

I hope to visit all the important places like the space needle and Pikes Place Market. If I can figure out how, I also want to go here:

The photo is from Olympic National Forest, the only rain forest in the US! It's ridiculously beautiful and I would hate to be so close and miss it!

Oh yeah... buzz, buzz, buzz.

Any other suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

I've never been but lately have been thinking of moving there. Let us know the cool areas and all about the fun. Enjoy!