Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers Day...

Dear Mom,
I made you a Mothers Day card. I swear. I even sewed a cute little pocket inside for my IOU. I carried it around for days, intending to mail it. DAYS! The other night, I stuck it in my pocket and promised myself that this time would be it. Yet when I got home, not only had I forgotten to mail it (yet again) it was no longer in my possession. Somewhere along the line, it fell out into the rainy night. If it ever gets to you... I am quite curious now if it will... it'll have had quite a journey! I hope you will forgive me and accept this blog post instead! I love you and will be thinking of you all day as I watch the Moms walk about the flea market. I will be wishing I could buy you some of the tiny cupcakes there and hand you a big bundle of fresh flowers.

Much Love (two bunches!)

Thanks for teaching me: how to knit, how to make three marks so your lines are straight and to love things like craft punches, stickers & stamps. Thanks for cleaning my room and organizing things all the time and helping me to never loose a single Barbie shoe! Thanks for buying me awesome outfits with matching hair thingies and always playing games with me in the car. Oh and huge thanks for taking out loans so I could go to such a great college and do all this stuff that I do. Thanks for supporting that. I'm pretty lucky to have you!

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Kj said...

Toni Hamlin Rules!!!