Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Old Kids on the Block?

I heard it on the radio tonight, seriously. The "Kids" are back with a new summer single. I'm so conflicted! I mean, they were my first concert! Well, actually the first was the Beach Boys followed by The New Kids. Oh how I loved them. "My Favorite Girl" is still one of my favorite songs. I used to ride around southern Vermont during college, blasting that song, twelve years after it was cool. Sure, loving the New Kids is not half as lame as it was when were 13... but do you really want to hear these guys, who I admit look pretty good, singing about summer time love? I'm even the perfect candidate to win over here. I'd much sooner give these guys a chance over any other polished looking "man band" that come up on my radar.

Don't you guys have families and children by now? Haven't you moved on to successful acting careers ? Perhaps I'm just thinking of the Wahlbergs? Still, if you sang about that, or heck, even your lack of that, I'd be into it! What I can't handle is thirty something men singing about girls in bathing suits or whatever melted popsicle stuff I overheard earlier this evening.

Then & Now

Are they seriously Hangin Tough up there?

I think I coined two new terms... feel free to use them liberally, or as often as applicable.

Man Band
The grown up, more creepy version of a "boy band."

Melted Popsicle
Used to describe a style of music, often produced by Man Bands. Similar to Bubblegum pop, only, more confusing, as the man bands collected age would suggest a more sophisticated audience that did not obsess over candy.


Kj said...

i'm really scared- i haven;t heard anything yet, but i truly respect Donnie Wahlberg as an actor? how will i feel about this turn of events in his career? YIKES!!

Brite Lines said...

Is it still danny donnie joey jordan and john?