Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brutal Re-entry

If I were an astronaut , I'd say my space shuttle had lost some important heat protective covering or something when I re-entered the atmosphere. I feel exposed. My brutal re-entry to Brooklyn from Seattle started with a red eye flight, included a hazy day of jet lagged roof partying, another day of not wanting too leave my house then ended with food poisoning and 24 hours in bed recovering. Now it's back to the routine... but I'm still not ready.

Some people say that the happiest New Yorkers are those who leave the city often. But what if the re-entry is like this every time? Is this just a coincidence, or am I missing a pretty obvious sign? I don't think I can handle either option right now, to tell you the truth, so I think I'll put my space ship on auto pilot and try to at least enjoy the zero gravity.

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theblondeknitter said...

it looks like you had a grand old time in Seattle, so sorry to hear about the 're-entry' ickies. hope you're better soon!