Thursday, October 18, 2007

What do my tv crushes say about me?

Yeah. I'm a 13 year old girl sometimes. I have some pretty good crushes on the misters in my 'programs.' The thing is, I don't have a crush on the actor, but the fictional characters they play on t.v.

1. "Ned" on Pushing Daises.
So charming he is and bakes pies!

2. "Justin" on Brothers and Sisters is so noble.

3. "Henry" on Ugly Betty umm... duh! Nerds rule!

4. "Dan Humphrey" on Gossip Girl I know he's like 17, but the dude's adorable. Wish boys were really like that in high school!

I also just realized that they kinda all look alike too. I'm so predictable!
The shows are good too, by the way.

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Maria said...

hello - new reader...

dan humphrey is one of my new tv crushes as well. i have to admit, 'gossip girl' is very much an addiction, especially since i am in japan - i watch it mainly for the nyc scenes (eh, not really lol) since i am from there originally and it's nice to get glimpses of nyc once a week!