Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pushing Daisies

Just might be my favorite new show! I'm just now watching the first episode online. I think it's really good and people should watch.

Here all all the reasons I love it so far:

1. The handsome leading man who's character is super, super charming
2. A completely impossible love story/interest that keeps us hoping
3. The main guy bakes pies for a living(!!!) in his place called the Pie Hole!!!
4. A supernatural element (which leaves all doors open in terms of plot lines)
5. The look is AMAZING! Vibrant colors, clashing patterns, lush set design... think Wes Anderson on acid.
6. Swoozie Kurtz & Kristen Chenoweth anyone???

It reminds me of the short lived show "Wonderfalls" which the leading guy, Lee Pace, also starred in. I bet they're done by the same peeps. Watch it and tell me what you think!


Kj said...

Also, did you know that you saw Lee Pace onstage? At least I think I saw it with you- Craig Lucas' "Small Tragedy" at Playwrights Horizons. I mean, it might not have been us together, i mean, maybe it was just me, I mean, did you know that I saw Lee Pace onstage in Craig Lucas' "Small Tragedy"?

(though i still kind of think you saw it too)

Keepitmoving said...

Ah, yes. A small tragedy... I saw it with you.
I totally have a star crush which is heightened by the fact that I could very easily run into him on the streets of NY!

Oh YEAH, he played the foreign guy! He's so tall! Like, four feet taller than tiny Cheneowith! Ooohhh, I have even more of a crush now!

hodge podge said...

omg i LOVED wonder falls! it's an all-time fave! and i've never met anyone else who watched it! obviously we are kindred spirits...