Monday, October 29, 2007

List Game...

List Game is a little game that started with my pals Kj, Garth and Rick and has since morphed into many versions. Here's how it works... someone makes a list of things they have very strong opinions about say.... October, cotton candy, multiples of three, frosting... etc. and then the rest have to guess if that person loves it or hates it and explain why. You can all write your lists on paper and pass them around or say them out loud, whatever works best for your group dynamic. We pretty much have a game going all the time and can randomly be heard saying "List game: _______." You learn a lot about each other.

I thought I'd try it here on my blog and see who knows me best. Please leave a comment saying weather I love or hate each thing and whoever gets the most right by Friday will win a prize!!! Good Luck!

#1. Flannel Sheets
#2. Michael Buble
#3. Cheez Balls

#4. Things spelled with "z" instead of "s"
#5. Using handkerchiefs instead of tissues.
#6. Washing dishes
#7. Square plates

#8. Baskets used as drawers:


Kj said...

some of these are tricky, but a great batch overall.
1) hmmm-HATE flannel sheets-you like soft cotton and hate the pilly thickness of flannel, and they rarely come in attractive patterns- usually just plaids.
2)michael buble- against your will, you LOVE him. he appeals to the part of every woman that is both 14 and 44, and you are okay with that part of yourself.
3) Cheez Balls- duh. Passioante LOVE
4) endings in Z- Hate it
5)handerchiefls- you love the idea, the nostalgia and delicateness, though the grossness of carrying snot cloth is pretty bad, but you LOVE handercheifs over disposables.
6)washing dishes- hmm- you do tend to let things pile, but you also hate the pile- i'm gonna say you do not enjoy washing dishes the way you enjoy doing laundry. HATE dishes
7)square plates- LOVE
8)basket drawers, you could surprise me on this, but I think you hate them- they're so 1999- and the fad will end- and even if you like their functionality, the fact that they're so enmeshed with the world of pottery barn suburban decor, you hate it simply by association.

Garth said...

1- Hate: I can't understand why anyone would hate flannel sheets, but I know you do.
2- Love: I don't know who this is, but since he's a fresh-faced boy you must love him.
3- Love: I think you like any food that comes in ball form.
4- Hate: or at least I hope you hate this, otherwise we might have to stop being friends.
5- Love... or then again maybe you only want to love it, but have been disappointed to find that it's kind of gross wheny our hanky gets all snotty and wet. No, I think you love it.
6- Love.
7- Love. I think. this is a tough one. I mean, you like eating in hip restaurants which I imagine might serve things on square plates, and you like gratuitous design flourishes in everyday objects, but I'm having a tough time not projecting my own negative feelings about square plates.
8- Love. Another tough one. I mean, it seems a little too obvious, since you like baskets in general, and homey stuff, but maybe you think that baskets should be baskets and drawers should be drawers. I think I'm sticking with love though.

ZU-ZU said...

1. Hate-although you used to love them
2. Love-he sometimes sounds like Frank
3. Love-check the fingers for proof
4. Hate-for the same reason you are not KYM
5. Love- more for looks then cleanliness
6. Hate-even with a dishwasher
7. Love-you think outside the circle
8. Hate-too many copy cats now and KJ know I LOVE games!

Brite Lines said...

No fair! With Toni in the game does anyone else really have a chance? :) Good luck KJ & Garth!