Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back from outer space...

I'm Back from VT! So sad to leave such a happy home... we all dreamed of buying a little house there and cozying down and teaching at the college.

The road trip crew:

Seth making space ships out of the dot boxes:

Night photography of 2nd Street & Welling

Our Tent:

Coffee at Powers Market

Walking to Campus from North B

Riding in the Golf Cart

The Mailboxes!!!

Breakfast at the Blue Benn

The Spaceships

My purchases from the Garnet Hill Outlet!

My FREE mug from Bennington Potters, currently in use


Kj said...

Boys with Beards!
and places i see in my heart when I wake and when i sleep,
friends i see there even more,

oh Bennington, my inner landscape, cradle me in your green-shuttered homey embrace.

Garth said...

nice photos, Kim.

Melinda said...

Last weekend was great, but next I'd like to travel in a Dot box to outer space.