Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tut tut, it looks like rain...

Have you watched Winnie the Pooh recently? I say watched because I'm sure I've read the books or have had them read to me, but I don't really remember right now. A while back I was watching the Disney movie with Eleanor and that is freshest in my memory.

The ending really stuck with me and I almost lost it. Do you know what I'm talking about? Christopher Robin heading off to school and as a result will not be able to visit 100 acre wood that much. Going to school is symbolic of leaving behind his imaginary land of joy, playfulness and innocence! It just always makes me so so sad to think of a child choosing to leave the imaginary land. Oh, I have to grow up now, time to leave behind that silly stuff. It hurts me to no end because I love that land!!! I want to scream at him "Don't do it Christopher Robin! Stay with Pooh!"

But we have to go. For some reason we have to go to school and learn to tease each other, pull legs off spiders, do our work and pretend, but this time for a whole different reason. I hate it.

I guess it's obvious my heart is heavy today, sometimes the rain can do that. So can listening to love songs, which I'm also doing.

Growing up.
It's the thing that excites and scares me most.


Brite Lines said...

The trick is in the balance. I love adult land - no bedtime, all the chocolate I want, and I always get the front seat! Although I feel I've "Grown up" that doesn't mean I neglect the parts of me that like to have fun, imagine, leave behind responsibilities, be taken care of, etc. The difference is that when you're a kid, you count on your parents and others, and when you're an adult there are others counting on you not to let them down. It IS scary and exciting, but in a way the world grows even bigger as we age and the possibilities more limitless. Its up to us, but we can have both worlds!

Keepitmoving said...

Oh I forgot about all the chocolate... and beers are pretty great too.

You're right. I'll take it. I just wish my heart didn't have to hurt sometimes.