Thursday, October 25, 2007


I'm so excited about my next project!!! It's hopefully the first of many here at Inspired Living! Here's Jacob....

I met Him at my Bennington Alumni weekend, sitting on the floor before a dance performance. He was an easy breezy smiley, young man and I was happy to find out he was also from Maine. Rad. Even though we met briefly, his awesomeness was apparent from the get go, which is why I was so excited that he contacted me about knitting him a hat.

So in true Bennington fashion, I'm turning it into a full on collaborative project! I'm going to share our 'process' openly here on my blog and you'll get to witness the whole thing! Let's go!

I started by asking dear Jacob some questions:

Where are you going to be this winter? Maine. Mexico? But mostly in Maine…with occasional visits to the vast metropolises of Boston and NYC. Oh, I hope you'll come visit and maybe I will see you in Maine too!

What do you want the hat for? To keep my little ears from turning blue, and to look terrific whilst doing so… That was a pretty dumb question Kim! I guess someone might want to keep their hair out of their face or something...

What are you going to do in your new hat? Work and play…hopefully more of the latter. I almost failed my last year of high school because I spent so much time working on a sled run in my back yard…I am hoping to return to this juvenile passion, and will need the appropriate headgear for a winter in vacationland. Now I'm definitely coming to visit!!!!

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being a lot) how much do you care about your hair? Hmmmm…I care about it, but…I don’t know…maybe a 6. It’s gone through many transformations…I was going for the Eddie Vedder thing when I was like 13 (I was more often confused for a homely girl than a rock star) and then again in high school (see photo id’s). It’s been pretty short for a while, and I’ve gotten used to hacking away at it myself when it needs a trim…it will always come back, right? I was thinking more of how tight the hat is. Any hat is going to mess up your hair... but if you really care if it's all messy and stuff I could try to make the hat interfere less. My first impression is that you might not mind a scruffy mop so I right?

Do you want people to notice your hat and ask you about it? Sure! Because then I’ll get to shamelessly plug Keep It Moving Design! Yippee! Thank you!

Which is more important to you: warmth or cuteness? Yes. Just what I thought!!

What color are your eyes?

What color do you dislike the most?(an image would be good here) vinyl siding palate = puke. Hilarious. I'm with you there pal!

How do you feel about reindeer? I honestly don’t give them much thought. I think that Rudolf’s celebrity made him a real liability to the rest of the reindeer population though. His song is just terrible! Yeah Rudolph. So there.

If you could only wear one tee shirt for the rest of your life, how would you make that work for you? Say what now?! Maybe I’d just wear the shirt on very special occasions, and let my chest hair be the primary barrier between my skin and the elements…it springs forth in abundance…but even with this luxury of fur, locating the right climatic conditions would be of great concern…hmmm Yet another funny question. I guess I was thinking that you could wear other stuff, but always that one t shirt. In other words, no. Never mind. Answer this one.... what's your favorite article of clothing??

Do you have any hopes for your hat and if so, what are they? Just for it to be fucking rad, and a good fit. Ooops. We've gotta measure your noggin!! Do you have a fabric tape measure? You could also wrap a string around your head and then measure it flat if you don't.

Ok readers... soon I'll do my part and post some hat proposal drawings. Are you excited or what??

Hey Jacob!
In the meantime why don't you tell us more about yourself.....

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jacob said...

whoa!!! i'm on the internet! or the "webstation," as my grandmother calls it...anyhooooo...this is awesome!!!so my noggin is 24'' (is that huge? should i be smarter?) round, and my favorite garment is a thrift store t-shirt with this huge fucking snarling eagle on the front. you know...with the tallons "ripping" through the material, and fighter planes in V formation streaking through the background... under the eagle it says "feel the power." and i do. every time i wear it. in the endless pursuit of authenticity, i also removed the sleeves...and yeah...i'm not too concerned about a messed up mop.