Thursday, October 4, 2007


I just finished this hat in time for my camping trip in Bennington! I started and ripped it out five times!! (practically finishing each time too) I wish it was a little bit more floppy, but I can live. I just wanted a nice grey hat and I think I got it. I loosely followed the pattern for the Purl Beret.

Soon I'll begin stuffing clothes in my backpack, but for now I'm totally procrastinating by creating a cd for the road. I'll admit, I'm having a hard time picking outfits for this one. I always over pack, but since we'll be five in a tent, I thought I should pack light. It's just a three day thing... BUT it is reunion style, so I want to look ACAP (as cute as possible) just in case! I just assumed the weather up in VT would be chilly fall, but it's totally summer feeling right now... what do I do!!!

Then of course there's the knitting projects to bring... This is pretty easy. Ive got an order for some harfs to go to a new store called Olio United in Portland OR. It's my first West Coaster!! Yippeee. More please!!! So I'll be knitting those guys and hopefully soaking up inspiration for some new fall projects.

Really though, I just want to hang out on my old college campus, see a few leaves fall and perhaps even shed a tear or two. Is it strange that I'm totally expecting to cry?? Does anyone else love and miss their college this much? It's not like I'm dissatisfied or unhappy with what has happened since then, in fact it's quite the opposite. All it takes is a snippet of college lingo for me to well up though.

A poem (I guess)

Dearest Bennington,
My memories of you have settled
into my heart's house
nearly filling the one room
I was saving for a long lost lover


Kj said...

Oh Kim! this made me sigh and tilt my head to the side. So lovely are you, and your thoughts and feelings!

j'adore forever

Jen HW said...

Your poem made me feel toasty inside :)

Garth said...

Yah. The poem gave me an ooey-gooey feeling, just like so many things we did this weekend.