Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Coney Island Kids

I still have sand in my hair! Today I took the wee chickens out to Coney Island for an all day adventure. It was so fun to ride the Wonder Wheel and gaze off at the horizon. It's very windy at the top of the the ferris wheel dudes! Our hairs were standing straight up now tell me!

Even though the children are not mine... I kept getting these swells of emotion... watching them ride together and say "we want to do it by ourselves." I was so proud of them for being adventurous and brave, but totally sad at the same time.

My Favorite Moment is a toss up between watching Luke and Eleanor twirl around together on the tea cup ride, Luke winning the water gun race and giving Eleanor his prize (which she hugged the whole way home) or taking these photos in the photo booth.

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