Monday, June 25, 2007


Today I walked by two, coming soon additions to my neighborhood... just steps away!

#1= Maternity & Kids Store
Pros: Sure to be lovely cause I can already peekaboo beautiful, clean white shelves. Maybe I can sell my baby stuff there? Cons: um, it's a baby store! More reminders of how not close I am to being a grownup...

#2= Organic Foods Market
I couldn't believe this one was for real. I've been looking down the street and have just assumed the construction was a new development or part of the movie set that has been taking over the street lately. Pros: organic food closer than any other grocery store; it's not a Whole Foods. Cons: Organic foods closer than any other grocery store, more $$!

So Maternity Store + Organic Food Market signal to me that our rent will, without a doubt, be going up soon. It's just an inevitable part of a growing city, I guess.

I'm not complaining about these lovely additions. I love the idea of supporting community businesses. I would love to get my groceries at a local, organic market, rather than dragging them in from a huge Whole Foods in Manhattan. Hopefully the increase in my quality of life will be greater than the decrease in my wallet.

When I moved here four and a half years ago I would tell people, my fingers crossed, that I thought this would be an up and coming neighborhood and that in about five years we'd see more amenities. I never really thought I'd be a witness to the change though. Here it is, less than five years later! To me this whole organic market thing is a sign of a new phase of development. I just hope it doesn't bring any more Miami-esque condo/lofts, cause, come on!

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ZU-ZU said...

I want to see these places and the ones that I showed you in the magazine. I am ready for a visit!