Monday, March 19, 2007

To sheet or not to sheet...

I'll always give a big thumbs up to down comforters. Soft, fluffy, warm, just the right amount of weight on you... but I'm torn about the whole sheet or no sheet thing. I've always treated duvet covered down comforters as any other blanket or quilt, the top layer of the sleepy sandwich. You pick your one beautiful cover and your done.

But now I've met all these people who skip the middle man... they drop the flat sheet and just change their duvet cover! I can sort of see the reason behind this, but what about all your beautiful sheets? Is there really a true advantage to this?

Advantage no, pleasure yes! I just got a new, fluff in every area, down comforter and decided to try this approach. It's kind of the best. Mostly because the darn thing feels so good on you, why put anything else in the way? It's all you need.

The other thing is that it moves easily with you and the sheets don't get all bunched up. I love curling up into a little ball with mr. downy all mooshed around me... then with one swift kick-o-the legs.... she's down around my ankles again, like the perfect bed of my dreams. None of this could be done if there was a sheet in there. It'd be getting all stuck and folded and I'd feel inclined to adjust it.

I sleep really well sans sheet, who knew?

I guess I'll have to make some more duvets with all my favorite sheets. Then again, I'm sure I'll need them in the summer.


acwo said...
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ZU-ZU said...

This means that I really have to get a down comforter so that I can experience what it feels like. Thanks for sharing!

Kj said...

The sheet-less comforter revolution was introduced to me by Sarah Courtney back at Bennington and it fascinated me. i'm so accustomed to having heavy layers on me when i sleep, (this goes back to my childhood where i would put my huge pile of clean laundry at the end of my bed, and proceed to never put away the clothes, but just pick my outfits out of the pile daily until it shrunk and my dirty laundry pile grew, so i almost always had something heavy over my feet when i slept) but once in a while, it's really nice to just have a fluffy cloud floating over you when you wake up, and no sheets twisted under your legs and falling on the floor.
Good rumination