Thursday, March 22, 2007

Musings of the day

This morning I noticed that advertisors think a song will make us buy sour cream. Two compaines, Daisy and Frienship, have ads on t.v. that use cheesy jingles. They also think we should put sour cream on EVERYTHING, including muffins.

Then I looked on my bed and saw this...

Louis and Dinah dog just chillin and messing up my bed. After I took this photo, I set my camera down on my desk. When I saw this next image, I had to take it. Sometimes, actually, most of the time, color looks different through the camera lens. The color here looks nothing like the jar of colored pencils sitting next to me now. I collect these kind of photographs for future color references.

I drew this picture for a friend I thought could use a little city.

Finally, it's a beautiful spring day, so I went for a beautiful spring outfit.


Kj said...

Kim, you are the epitome of a beautiful spring day.

Re: sour cream. remember how Yory always had a couple hefty "dollops" of sour cream on his plate as a side item that he would eat as if it were cottage cheese? You gotta love Ukranians. Perhaps Ukranian/Israelis are behind the whole sour cream/muffin situation...
Man, I miss Yory!

ZU-ZU said...

Kim, did you take today's pictures with the "trash" camera? Here's an idea; you should consider taking drawings like the one today to a publisher or card company. Your picture reminds me of some illustrations in the Madeline books. Think about it...another creative career!

Keepitmoving said...

Thanks ladies.
I totally heart you both!