Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I love Laundry day!

Simple pleasures people. Simple pleasures.
I wait so long to do laundry... weeks...not because I'm gross or anything, I just have a lot of clothes and don't have time to do full out laundry (the way I like it) that often. Plus as a procrastinator I just wait until I get to the last of my unders.

So yesterday was laundry day, just in time for spring! I put away all my wooly sweaters too and brought out the spring dresses. I couldn't be happier! Laundry day begins with the piling of colors: browns, greens & yellows, pinks and reds, blues, whites, greys, blacks, jeans and sheets and towels. Mostly, my towels are bright and fit into the other colored piles accordingly.... unless I have a massive amount of dish towels, in which case they get their own load. Ok, so you're begining to think I'm crazy to have so many piles.... that I'm the only person to break it down to individual colors.... not just darks/lights. Well, there's a method to my madness. But first here is a laundry dance, you can imagine your own music:

So as I already pointed out, I have a lot of clothes. Making these specific piles is the easiest way for me to break it down into small loads. Small loads get your laundry cleaner... which is after all the whole point of laundry day, is it not? The best part however, comes as you begin to fold your laundry. I usually take multiple trips to the laundromat next door. I put in two loads, go home, play computer/dance/clean/eat, bring over two more loads, put my first two loads in the dryer and repeat this cycle as necessary. I do this because I'm nice and don't want to hog all the washers and dryers from those who aren't as anal as I am.

So the best part.... folding! I love folding my clothes into neat little stacks. As I pull out the loads... blue was first yesterday, my folding table fills up with a wash of color- blues, then greys, then came the reds and pinks. You can see the progression of colors in the stacks. Each laundry day is different. I like the random color combinations that pop up. It gives me good ideas for new projects and I just fall in love with my clothes all over again. Here's an awesome color combo that happened randomly yesterday...

I though you might also get a kick out of this, my oldest article of clothing. Believe it or not, I made this tie dyed t-shirt when I was 12. It's totally see through, I've cut the collar off and you can't even tell it was once brightly colored. I only wear it to bed or to dance in and plan to keep it until it disintegrates!


Kj said...

more laundry dances, please! and some cooking dances, cleaning dances and knitting dances too. and some roof dances. dances, more dances!

ZU-ZU said...

Only you would be able the find the beauty and happiness in laundry!