Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Oh, I had to throw out my old face cream, it didn't match my new ORGANIZED, bathroom."

Some of you may know, but I recently 'interviewed' at Martha Stewart Living for a position in the crafts department. After a month of not hearing from them, I was finally told there wasn't a position available. One can't assume that being interviewed for an open position actually means there is a position available after all, what was I thinking?

My spirit for the magazine has been fading over the last few years, especially in light of recent events, but mainly becuse with every new issue, there is some cute new craft project that either I have been working on already.... or was thinking about doing soon. Take this issue's postage stamp eggs.
Was my second blog post NOT about my new obsession with postage stamps? Hmmmmm, my favorite holiday being EASTER, it wouldn't have taken me long to put two and two together. Did I already make a postage stamp egg? No. Will I? HELLS no! Certainly not now. Am I angry? Yes. I'm tired of having such great ideas seem like copy cats of boring conservative crafting housewives who wear cashmere twinsets!!!! I am not a follower! I am a designer!

Is this jealousy? Envy? I'm mostly mad because my ideas are not getting published on those pages to. I wanted the job.

What really did it for me though, was this photo in the article about bathroom organization. I mean, I'm all for beautiful photographs, with insane styling and unique props. I understand that they are to provide inspiration and not necessarily be realistic.... but everything in this bathroom matches! It's all green.... even the toothpaste and fine print on the toiletries!!!!

My eyes practically rolled out of my head. I can't take it guys. Not any more. It's just..... pathetic or something. So unreal. An ideal that I don't feel a part of. My bathroom has hair in the brushes. My toiletries don't match. I actually...... LIVE in my house. You can tell that and to me, it is still beautiful.

So..... M. Stew, I'm kinda over you. It's time for spring cleaning and I'm pretty sure what I'm throwing away first.


Kj said...

Preach it! No longer simmer in the shadow of the nomenclature "Urban Martha Stewart." She wishes she were you! She's the "Upperclass Wanna-be Kim Hamlin for those who can't think for themselves." Bring it On, kickboxing (or christmas-boxing) style! The battle is on!

ZU-ZU said...

Their loss will be someone else's gain. Take your creative ideas somewhere else. What about the magazines that cater to people that want new and interesting ideas without having to spend a lot of money or look hoity-toity. Look what you did with your dorm rooms and your apartment. There are many college students and young adults like you that would like to be able to decorate on a budget. What about a parent magazine to incorparate your kidland ideas into a creative help section fo kids and caretakers? Make this disappointment into a triumph.

Keepitmoving said...

Zuzu- I think you should start a blog too!
I'd read it!!!!