Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Still Life with Dunkies

Well the snow gods have been dropping it like crazy up here folks. Mom and I shoveled at least 12" of accumulation the other day and now there's another 8" or so out there! Um, there's kind of no place to put it either. The streets are getting smaller, the piles higher and it makes turning out into the street a little tricky.

I am really wishing I could jet pack my 4 year old buddies Luke and Eleanor up here to do some serious sledding! I doubt they'd even be able to walk around in the back yard, the snow would be up to their waist!! That's one thing I'd I like to show the city kids...Snow days of building forts and sledding all day long. I think I'd come inside three or four times for a change of mittens, hat & socks. I loved building a fort into this snow pile! Look how high it is now and with all that tree for coverage. Man, I could really hide out and throw some zingers at the boys! I'd usually build it from the back and the entrance could be from under the tree. I'd dig all the way to the dirt and once I even had three rooms!

My buddies Anne and Chad came up to visit from Brooklyn for New Years and we went snow tubing here:

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