Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No, I haven't forgotten you Jacob!!

Quite the contrary in fact!
So here's what I've got on your hat so far.... I hope it pleases you and all your troupes!

A one flapped earflap cap
( the other ear will be on soon!)

Usually, ear flaps attached to the hem of a hat end up being more of a chin warmer than an ear warmer don't they? Because of this I decided to sew the flap right on top of the hat. You want two layers to keep warm, right?? I also thought a strong line between pale blue and brown would be nice for the flaps, since I didn't have enough brown to make them one color. Once finished however, I found the divide a bit too intense, so I turned the flap over to show the little echo stripe that's created when switching colors. Usually people put this on the backside, but I like it showing. I'm also particularly fond of the mustard seam. It reminds me of the stitching on jeans and the color of your Carharts.
There's a folded hem with contrasting blue turning row.

Now, when worn with the stockinette side facing out, the folded hem kind of flared out in a pretty girly way, so I flipped it. Again the traditional 'backside' becomes the front and will fit snuggly on your head this way, with no flare outs! It'll contain your mop quite nicely I'm sure!

Originally I had wanted to do some crazy fair isle thing for Jacob, perhaps as a flap to keep his neck warm. As I finished this piece though, I started getting second thoughts about sending the poor boy out into East Boston wrapped in colorful trees and anchors. I like it a lot though, especially the lone blue tree.

My plan all along was to make it double layered, with a solid color background. I'm really loving the mustard with peach checks section though. Maybe that should be the backside instead of a solid? If Jacob wants, I'll make it for him, as a thing that can attach by button to his flap hat, for those extra cold and windy adventures!

What do you think Mr???


lekkercraft said...

ooo the brown hat is REALLY cute! I love the color palate and the construction and garterstitchiness of it. Very unique. Hope he likes it!

jacob said...

good morning!
i think that as long as i don't venture too many streets north of mine, i'll be allowed to be a little eccentric on the really chilly days...so bring on the buttons and the double layered trees and anchors! the versatility of this hat is quite amazing and i look forward to wearing it! it's so rad that this project has worked out! thank you! cheers to new friends and new hats!