Friday, January 11, 2008

A baby at my house??

I sit at home
and quiet

but there's something about having a snoozing baby on your bed that makes it seem even quieter.

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of taking care of dear Clarissa in my own home and while she slept on my bed, I couldn't believe how peaceful and quiet it was. What is that?

When babysitting I've quickly learned to love nap time for the break that it affords me, but over time it has become more than that. I love the quietness... the padding around in stocking feet... the sudden loudness of a page turning... the little recharge, that actually turns into anticipation for your little buddy to wake up and want to play.

The other day I had Clarrissa tucked into one of those fabric, sling, tie around jobbies to pick the kids up at school.

"How do I look guys?" I asked, "Do you like a baby on me? Should I get myself one?"

Luke chimed in without missing a beat, " Yeah! You could maybe get one from the shelter!"

Did I mention Luke just got a new puppy?


Anonymous said...

Kim - these are such amazing photos! I'm so honored to have you documenting my girls' lives and they are so lucky to have you! - Laura

katrina said...

oh man. i think my head is about to explode!!! such beautiful photos of a beautiful baby girl.