Monday, January 21, 2008

Recycle It... don't throw it away!

I was browsing the online store Olio United today and found these recycled sweater/suit zip ups for men. I just had to post about them since I think they are the hottest thing for so many reasons!

Great idea, great design, great re-use and cuteness to boot!!!!!!

Wouldn't you want to snuggle your man in one of these????

Olio United is all about being green & sustainable while supplying us with the cute outfits we want! Read more here.

Hey, guess what! They also sell my harfs!
Maybe you should buy one????

1 comment:

hodge podge said...

oooh, that is a dreamy jacket! so hard to find cool stuff for the boys. my imaginary boyfriend would totally rock that!
and the harfs look great; congrats on a new sales venue ;o)