Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Friday Night Lights

While I kind of wish I had known what a great show this was from the start...however, there's something really awesome/addicting about catching up online. It happened to me with LOST too. On these cold winter nights I just love cuddling into my bed and watching show after show, knitting into the wee hours. I really just do, ok.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but I really enjoy the football. I like movies & shows about football even more because you get to see them practicing, planning and executing their plays, which is exciting even if it's not real.

This show really reminds me of high school and my own inner be cheerleader don't be a cheerleader debate. I loved being spunky, energetic, jumping around, dancing and cheering on my team. Seriously.... the huge smile was real for me, but what I couldn't take was girl drama and the stiffness. It seemed so unnatural to me to stand at attention on the side lines when we could be cheering and dancing around to pump up the crowd. I remember sitting in the crowd once, with the band or friends when I realized that no one was even paying attention to the cheerleaders. It made me sad for them and wish it could be different. I think someday, should I ever live in a small town again with a football team, I might try to coach a pep squad or something. A group that integrates the band, dancing, props, cheering- the works - to make the crowd get excited. I think I would enjoy that very much.

You should totally watch this show people. It's really well done. It looks cool and the chemistry between characters is just fascinating. Pick up your needles and watch a few, then let me know what you think!


Garth said...

After watching some of Season 1 online, I was really excited about this show. Unfortunately, in Season 2, it has turned into a trashy soap opera, which relies on showing teenagers having romantic relationships with non-teenagers in order to keep the audience's attention.

Tracy said...

I heart Coach Taylor. I'm addicted to that show, too!

Kj said...

i finally started watching on