Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Coat!!!

It's like a brand new coat folks! Laney J, in my small home town in Maine, managed to revamp my coat into this!

Look out because I'll probably be doing these kick moves a lot to show off the new lining if ever we walk together.

I've wanted to re-line this coat ever since I got it at a thrift store about three years ago for $15. Right away the pockets started disintegrating. I noticed that fact during my first nanny job when I went searching for the missing pacifier trapped in the hem of my coat. Ever since the inside has been ripping and ripping, buttons falling off and nary a functioning pocket could be found. Most of November & December was spent with a jacket wide open (like I couldn't sew on a couple buttons right???)
But now look!

I'm sorry Garth, but the genius behind my coat lives in Maine... so unless you want to take a trip (which would be rad!!!) you might be outta luck! But we should research and find a good one in the city! It would be a great thing for all of us! Any suggestions out there??

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dandelionpicker said...

Love the coat! And a great way to hold onto it and make it new again!