Saturday, December 15, 2007

We're all friends here...

I'm a little bit dizzy
My car ride home from the craft fair was a tad, shall we say... nauseating
One braid has fallen out of my Swiss Miss Girl/Fraulein updo
My hands smell like a combination of Clementine and the falafel that Cal gave me (because I hadn't had any food all day and she's nice. Thanks Cal! And Calle for the Clementine!)
Currently my room looks like this....
I might be coming down with something... I feel a sniffle
This morning the house was very cold and there was no hot water.
I'm very excited to take my shower now!
I called a car service to deliver me... but when I got there, realized I didn't pack my wallet.
(Thank you car service guy for being nice and letting me go...IOU... other crafty friends for lending me mooola and sharing your coffee and snacks!)
About an hour before the craft fair ended I realized I had had my wallet all along!
Total Flake!
I'm ready for vacation dudes.
LEt it snow in Maine please!
I want to go sledding!
I'll see you soon pine trees!

Oh yeah, here's my view of the craft fair:

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