Sunday, December 23, 2007

A few more reasons I'm loving Maine...

Mom and I play Yahtzee at every meal. I got a Yahtzee on my last roll, woo hoo!

You can right turn on red, but I guess that's true pretty much anywhere but NYC, so maybe it doesn't count.

These two hamming it up in the driveway for me. Christmas time is always fun for these type of moments. I love them.
My Uncle Tim came up to shovel off our roof and I got to see his new truck which I hadn't seen yet.

People always ask him how he got such a low license plate number like 841. Well, he got it from my grandpa when he passed who got it from Jerry when he passed who was able to get it from this other guy who passed who must have got it back when there weren't too many cars on the road in Maine. If you write to the state with a good case, they'll let you keep the number, so I'm hoping that we can keep it in our family for some time.

Did youknow that keeping your shovel outside makes it so the snow slips right off when you shovel. If you keep it inside, it's warm when you go out and the snow melts a little and gets stuck. Heavy shovels are no fun.

Watching these guys win win win! Go Patriots!!

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