Thursday, December 27, 2007

Looking like a Mainer

So I took my swanky New York gal herringbone coat to the cleaners today. The local seamstress is going to re-line it for me with a slippery lime fabric I picked out and it's going to be lovely. In the meantime though I'm left scrounging for warm outer garments! I found this little quilted flannel jobby in the basement. I think the paint smear really adds to it's appeal. It's not all that warm, but will do for quick in and outs from the cah.

On Christmas day Mom and I took a trip to L.L. Bean to do some exchanges and late night shopping. For those of you who don't know, L.L. Bean is open 24/7 no matter what so my mom and I often take advantage of that. It's always the last stop on our list since it's open so late, but in this case we were looking for a little Christmas adventure and it was the only place open. I picked up a ham italian (pronouced eye-talion) at the gas station (glamorous I know but this gal needs constant sustenance people!) and we hit the road. The employees were super helpful and full of cheer. I had taken in my old pair of boots to see if they could fix the zipper that is always falling down. But instead of repairing them they just let me return them. It's the Bean way. You can exchange stuff, even really used stuff if it does not live up to the standard. So I was able to get these RAD, knee high boots from my buddy Gregory in the fishing and hunting section. He taught me how to lace my boots so I can pull them really tight, like he learned in the military. I couldn't quite place his accent but we think he might be German. I totally gave him a high ten when I walked away pleased as punch in my new babies!

I was cooking in the kitchen the other day when I noticed this band of visitors. We live right in town but we always have creatures coming to visit. I like how the turkeys keep right in line as they travel. They really reminded me of dinosaurs loping about out there. Every now and then, one leg would sink into the snow and the guy would just pick himself up without missing a step. It was quite comical.


Kj said...

thank you for the use of the words jobby and cah. made my day!
happy fourth day of christmas!

Brite Lines said...

Great Italian reference KBQ! Keep the Maine posts coming, its sooo nice to see pics from home! For old times sake, you ought to go to Shanah's before you leave and get cookies and cream ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and a side of pickles. ;-)

Garth said...

Kimnerly! Can you give me a recommendation for your "local seemstress" I have some pants to hem, and the guy at my dry cleaner did a lousy job the last time I brought in a sewing job.

PS- Thanks for the beautiful tie! And my grandmother loved the necklace. I may have a commission for you.

Garth said...

Never mind. Now I understand by local, you meant local Maine, not local Bklyn. Too bad!