Saturday, December 1, 2007


"Don't ever go into the Ginko Forest..."
"Oh really? Why not?"
"It's too STINKY!!!"

The kids have been joking about this with me for some time now and we finally (unfortunately) found the alleged "Ginko Forest" at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden! We ran through it quite quickly, because it was in fact, too stinky!

Then we found the Native Flora garden which we had never been in before. Very peaceful.

I wanted to stop and take a lot of photos and I did. Usually the kids don't even notice my dawdling... but this day they kept yelling at me to hurry up... even pulling at my coat. So we ran along to discover more secrets...

We scampered into the rose garden to find the remaining blooms...

It got dark so quickly... we had to run home before our carriage turned back into a pumpkin!

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hodge podge said...

hey! i just learned about stinky ginkgos this year myself! oh, and i just TAGGED you; check my blog for details...