Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please, just don't!

Whenever I'm knitting I prefer to be watching something, like a light hearted TV show or movie that takes little of my attention. It's really just to have something to look up at occasionally so as not to get funky eyes or sea sickness from watching my needles fly. If I'm seriously into a show, like LOST or The Office for example, you'll know because I actually put down the knitting needles and relax.

Most of my valuable knitting time occurs during (horrible) day time tv hours. You know, when the only shows to pick from are Maury Povich or soap operas and every commercial is trying to convince you that softer hands is the real reason to pick a dish soap.

I know I'm not the target audience, but I am home, watching...often... and I've never felt such a disconnect in advertising! At night, it's sexy car commercials and although I'm nowhere near buying a car, someday I probably will and I can kind of relate to wanting a safe, luxurious model. But the daytime stuff is insane! Lawyers begging for you to scrape up some business for them. Better plastic bags! Oxi clean! Softer dish soap! The Huggies vs. Luvs smackdown... (today on Jerry Springer). The ad for Bagel-fuls practically made me barf! Don't get me wrong, I love a good bagel, but you know as soon as you bite into that chewy exterior, all the philly's gonna squirt right out like a jelly dough nut! I just can't bring myself to contemplate it anymore. I guess I'm more upset about the product, than advertising, on that one.

My friend Kj and I used to talk all the time about how BAD some commercials were and how there's really just no need for it. If I was ever going to pick a lawyer from tv, the cowboy hat in front of the NY skyline certainly doesn't scream credibility! There's plenty of talented people out there who would love the the opportunity to make a commercial and could actually do a better job at it! Take for example our friends over at Mohegan Sun:

I think this ad is pretty rad. It's fun, complicated (a lot of people, flips, dancing, singing) and kind of funny. It works because the main actor is taking it seriously and not commenting on himself unlike this gal for the Optimum triple play:

This one is on sooooooo much during the day I want to pull my hair out!! The only thing worthy, in my opinion, are the cute burgers with the PR & $29.95 spelled out in condiments!

I used to feel the same way about this Optimum ad, until I paid closer attention and realized how awesome it really is! I've actually heard people talking about this commercial in bars & coffee shops! I think it works for the same reason as the Monheagan ad.

Dear Optimum,
Please ditch the ladies and bring these guys back!!!


Katie said...

the last one i saw a couple of times and it's madd lame.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's funny to see the different ads that play throughout the day. In the morning are the commercials that relate to the stay at home moms (or dads) or the dead beat losers that aren't doing anything w/ their lives (not that I'm saying you are one). I think it's funny to see those commercials about the private institutions like the Bryman comericials or AIU or The Art Institute. You certainly don't see those commercials during prime time or late at night. Oh...and don't get me started on the commercials that come on past 11. Like the ones with the sexy girl telling you to call her for a good time. hahah.

I think it's cool that you can knit. But it's even better that you put down those needles when you're watching The Office. I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! Isn't it great?! I can't wait for tomorrow's premiere. I'm really excited about it.

So you ever remember seeing this one Tide commercial with the talking stain? I thought it was hilarious! Well, Tide decided to do a contest about it and have people create their own talking spoof and tomorrow night during The Office premiere, they're going to show the winning spoof. How cool is that?

Check out all the spoofs and guess which one will win:

I hope you don't mind that I told you about this. I work for Tide and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

hodge podge said...

oh i hear ya, sister! i can't even bear to turn the tv on during the day unless it's a dvd, because the ads make me feel ill and depressed! i used to watch Martha and then have to race to turn the tv off before this show came on where women went to a retreat and got therapy and healing, but it was really trashy... if i didn't turn it off i would get sucked in and end up feeling like a total loser for watching it!
now i stock to audio entertainment like podcasts, pandora or npr.