Monday, September 22, 2008

Current Crushes

My latest crush? The voice of Caleb Folowill, front man of the band Kings of Leon. I heard them for the first time on Saturday Night live this weekend, of all places! I was tuning in for another crush and was pleasantly surprised by the harsh yet somehow delicate sound of this guy. His voice is raspy, in that sexy way that's usually more of a plus for girls. It's bursting at the seams and I trust it. Probably because it's not some affectation begging me to swoon like so many other plaid shirted dudes in pants so tight I get jealous. It's just honest and comes out how it needs to.

The uniqueness of his voice sent me on a short research session on the band where I read one little magazine article and watched a home video of the singer (ok, his name is Caleb) talking about recording a song. I'm not going to get all into it because really, I don't really know anything about this band and I haven't even finished listening to the album I downloaded 20 minutes ago. It just seems like they're nice boys, or brothers/cousins rather from Oklahoma who have a respectable approach to music making. Like all brothers, they fight about whose going to wear which tight pants, but I can forgive them that. It's not like they're running all over the stage showing it off (from what I've seen at least. ) They just peaceably stand there and let the music do the talking.


Kj said...

Franco, huh?

Have you watched Freaks and Geeks yet?

Keepitmoving said...

You know... I have. I didn't like it 100% at first but the characters really grew on me. Especially Franco's. The last episode where he's good at D &D... brilliant!