Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recent Find

The last time I was at the Brooklyn Flea I scored this printers tray (plus another one) for $10!!!!! Thats right folks $5 each! I was shocked. I saw them in a booth nearby and wandered over at the beginning of the day to see how much they were (she had 4). My hope was to keep my eye on them from afar and cross my fingers sell enough to bring one home with me. When I found out the price I wanted to buy them all! If I had had a way to cart them all home, I would have done it!
My mom spotted a similar tray at home in Maine recently for $60, which still a pretty a good deal if you ask me. I think I really lucked out and couldn't be more jazzed about my new little collecting place!


hodge podge said...

wow, that was a score!!! i love printers' trays. i always had one in my room growing up; i wonder if my mom still has it? i might have to check... you made me covet yours!

Emilia Jane said...

hey ladykins - I gave you an award today! weee!