Wednesday, February 6, 2008


In our 2002 commencement speech, my friend and fellow (and brilliant I might add) Bennington graduate Jen White listed a few of the things members of our class hoped to do one day. I remember her asking me this question and though I'm not quite sure of my wording, my answer went something like this: "To start/live/work/be involved in a crafting community." I may have even used the word commune! Um.... so now, each day my life gets closer and closer to this. At the time, I kind of tossed it off... which makes me wonder how often these 'tossed off' hopes and dreams are actually quite close to our hearts.

I want to make it happen.

Anyone want to join me????


zu-zu said...

Do you have an age, craft, location, or relation requirement? I used to make stationery, zodiac wall hangings, and rug yarn poodles for the girls in my dorm during my college years. I certainly enjoyed making $ that way better than typing papers for the non-typists! I am sure I could come up with something and I would rather be surrounded by others that create inspiration rather than 3 feet of snow!

belle said...

Yay Kim! I think you have succeeded in creating a wonderful crafting world around yourself! Keep it up!

I added a link to Inspired Living from our blog. Thanks so much for visiting. I miss you! xoxo

lekkercraft said...

totally - i want to be involved in a crafting community!

Jen HW said...

Your exact words were: "opening a crafting commune and teaching quilting classes."

Go for it, lady! :-)