Monday, February 4, 2008

Idea Day OR Why I'm allowed to listen to music

I'm a little amazed at how quickly I flip open my computer upon waking up. Or how soon I'll turn on some music. I know some people get dressed with the television on, watching the local news or what have you. Then there's the coffee grinder, or if you're lucky like me, a jackhammer outside that won't quit. Um..... why all the blasting distractions people?

We have a choice over these things and while they may seem small, it is my belief that they carry much weight. I can't do very much about the jackhammer, but the other day I did decide not to turn on music. I spent about 4 or 5 hours in silence, or at least the closest thing my Brooklyn apartment provides. I got my work done and it seemed a little bit easier to connect to my brain. I think of it more as time with myself, actually. Which makes me think....are we afraid of ourselves?

Today is different. Today I don't need to concentrate and write. Instead I want to come up with new projects for some books seeking submissions. I find it incredibly helpful in these moments to put on my favorite musicians and soak up their artistry and energy to fuel my own. So that is why today I'm allowed to listen to music, that and the jackhammer.

I started with a funny playlist called "Day". You can make one of your own easily in itunes by going to make a new smart playlist and typing day as a word in the song name. You'll figure it out. It's strange to see how many songs come up from your collection. Other words that are fun... love, the, way... please write to tell me yours! It's a nuanced way of music listening, in it's own random way. I'll then usually move onto someone that I've listened to a million times, so my brain doesn't have to think too hard. It makes it so I can hum along and know what song comes next and my hands can do their thing. I'm feeling shy about sharing those right now.

And yes, I am drinking my orange juice out of a wine glass. Life is too short to use a glass that doesn't feel right and the only one that worked this morning was a wine glass.

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hodge podge said...

it's so funny, i've been thinking about the same stuff! normally i have WNYC talk radio on all day, but since i'm needing to think and write this week, the talk is too distracting. i could put on music, but yesterday and today i've been opting for silence and it is cool how it allows the brain to find its own path...